November 24, 2017 Neal From

Back to Bali and Borneo with a New School on the Way

The World Conference for Drowning Prevention (WCDP) is a conference held every two years. During this time, individuals and organizations from all over the world converge on one predetermined destination to network, share, and learn about the developments, challenges, and future of drowning prevention on a global scale. This year, the event was held in Vancouver, BC. Swimdo was lucky enough to be selected as a poster presenter at the event and had the opportunity to share our vision of drowning prevention in Indonesia with all of the attendees.

The team at the Bloomberg welcome reception in Vancouver, BC!

In 2015, Swimdo attended our first WCDP in Penang, Malaysia. The event preceded our pilot program in Bali and offered us a wealth of knowledge concerning the arena we were about to jump head first into. Coming back 2 years later to see and speak with some of the people we got to know 2 years ago as a young organization was a real pleasure and gave all of us a true sense of accomplishment and an eagerness to push this thing as far as it will go. Over the last 2 years, Swimdo has grown tremendously, we’ve quadrupled our number of employees, we now have a year round presence in Keramas, we have trained 3 awesome local instructors, we are endorsed by The Royal Life Saving Society of Australia, we opened up a new school in Kalimantan, Borneo, both Seamus and I became certified Austswim swim instructors, and on top of all that, we’re already close to hitting our biggest fundraising year to date. In short, these last 2 years have been an amazing experience for everyone involved and we are stoked to be getting back to Bali soon to open more schools, to teach more kids and to save more lives.

Our Co-founder Seamus, cheesing in front of our poster presentation.

This year is a big one for all of us at Swimdo. With our growth over the last two years, we have made some large steps towards our goal to prevent child drowning in all of Indonesia. We have also had the opportunity to expand our donor base through the several fundraisers we threw this season. We are so thankful to everyone that showed up and donated. Your support means the world to us. We know that there is a lot more work to do if we want to see the full potential of our budding organization but we are excited and determined to get the work done. We have made a commitment to ourselves and our donors that from now on, we will open at least one new swim school in a new area every year.  

Our Fundraiser In Petaluma. Thanks Lagunitas!

If you are someone that feels inspired by the work that we do and want to get involved, there are plenty of ways to do so. If you would like to make a donation, follow the link to our donation page. If you would like to volunteer with us either in The States or abroad, shoot us an email at you to all of you for your ongoing support. We appreciate you.-Neal and the Swimdo Team