February 8, 2018 Neal From

The Boys Are Back In Bali

In the six months since leaving Bali I’ve had the pleasure of telling a lot of people about Swimdo and the progress we have made this year. One of our crowning achievements being that while myself and Swimdo’s founding duo are in North America, the program is still running in Indonesia!Bringing this exciting news to numerous fundraisers up and down the west coast and as far north as Vancouver, Canada for the World Conference on Drowning Prevention brought feelings of accomplishment and excitement. However, nothing beats the feeling of returning to the pool at Keramas Park and watching our local swim instructors not only run the show but elevate the program to new heights as they integrate it into their community as only they can do, this is outright beautiful.In Keramas we have been so fortunate to find the greatest friends and team for Swimdo right here in the village. Upon arriving at my first day of lessons this year, I took particular notice to one of our gurus, Dede. I saw him making the kids laugh but also listen with ease and in doing so, teach very effectively and with so much gusto.2 years ago Dede didn’t know how to swim. Last year, Dede began helping with classes as he had been part of the first ever swimdo class, but even then he was still working on his own swimming abilities. This year, the guy is showing up to class an hour early to swim laps before ascending into his role as a Guru and leader when the students arrive.Dede is pouring life into Swimdo, he’s been a part of the program since the beginning and knowing it through and through, he’s doing his part to keep our Keramas-based school running better than ever. So well in fact, that our Free-Swim Fridays now have to be divided into alternating weeks for the two major villages as our number of graduates has continued to grow!All of us here at Swimdo are so excited for the future. We intend to open a new swim school every year in our efforts to bring aquatic-based education to all of Indonesia. We thank all of our donors for their continued support and we’re so stoked for 2018 to be our biggest year yet! Sampai Jumpa!Dylan Sohngen Director of PR and Development