Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Swimdo is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Our EIN is 30-0962654. All donations are tax exempt. For more information on making a large donation, please contact info@swimdo.org.

Swimdo is all about survival swimming. Students that participate in SWIMDO classes learn one basic stroke, survival backstroke. Survival backstroke is a 3-step strok where a student floats on their backs and effectively glides across the surface of the water. 

Swimdo is very fortunate to be partnered with several wonderful organizations throughout the world

Our survival swimming programs take 2-weeks. In these two weeks, students learn crucial skills for getting themselves and others out of trouble. This is by no means a comprehensive swimming program, it is simply meant to give students the skills they would need if they found themselves in a dangerous situation. 

100% of your donation goes to SWIMDO. With your donation, we pay our local staff, our pool fees, travel expenses for our staff, medical supplies etc. For a more comprehensive breakdown of our financials please follow this link.

Some places in Indonesia are not receptive to tourists. On the whole however, Indonesia is a generally kind and welcoming place. It is always important to respect cultural norms and to do research before traveling to a new country for the first time. That being said, Bali is one of the most friendly, inviting and safe places you can travel to on holiday.

Many people from developed countries often take their ability to swim for granted. However, the majority of children in low-and-middle-income countries never have the opportunity or privilege to learn to swim. To a lot of people in the world, swimming is seen as a luxury and it is often thought that avoiding large bodies of water is a practical method of staying safe. However, sometimes that is not an option and people that do not know how to swim are forced to put their lives at risk to get to work or even to go to school.