History of SWIMDO

Swimdo was founded in 2015 by two long-time friends, Seamus Pettigrew and Neal From. Since its inception, Swimdo has taught over 2,500 children survival swimming and water safety. 

Our Story

In 2013 Seamus Pettigrew was volunteering as an English teacher at a small school in Bali. An avid surfer, Seamus would frequently visit the beach with his students so he was shocked to learn that the majority of them had never learned to swim. When he came back to the US he was motivated to do something that would help the children of Indonesia learn to swim. After discussing his idea with Neal, the two set out to create Swimdo, a non-profit organization that would address the fact that very few children learn to swim in Indonesia. Their mission: to protect and enrich the lives of children through aquatic education. Several years later, Swimdo now employs a full team of local swim instructors and coordinators and has partnered with drowning prevention organizations all over the world to stop childhood drowning.