Ways to Help

A lot of people want to help out but don’t necessarily have the means to make a large contribution themselves. That’s totally ok! Luckily there are crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter that enable people like you to set up campaigns and help raise a bunch of money from your own personal network. If you’re interested in crowdfunding for Swimdo, let us know by emailing us at info@swimdo.org and we’ll help you figure out how!

Swimdo is always looking for friends to help us fundraise throughout the year. Donor fundraisers are a great reason to get all your friends together and raise money for a good cause. In the past, fundraisers have ranged from a group of people meeting at a bar to galas of more than 250 people. If you give us a heads up, we might even be able to fly out one of our founders to your fundraiser to talk about Swimdo and share our latest news. If you are interested in throwing a fundraiser for Swimdo, let us know by emailing us at info@swimdo.org

In order to safely teach our students, Swimdo needs to have a constant supply of pool equipment. This includes medical kits, noodles, kickboards, goggles, uniforms, etc. These all need to be purchased regularly throughout the year. If you would like to help Swimdo by buying necessary supplies for our teachers and students, please follow this link and select supplies at checkout. 

Our Swimdo Team travels all over Indonesia to reach marginalized communities that have no access to survival swimming and water safety training. As you can imagine, transporting our team to these rural areas can be expensive. We have several trips lined up over the next year but need donors like you to sponsor these trips to some of the most remote locations in the world. If you would like to help  sponsor a Swimdo trip, follow this link and select SPONSOR A TRIP at checkout.

Swimdo is alway 100% free to our students. That means Swimdo needs to cover the cost of our staff, our equipment and pool fees. Each student costs Swimdo about $50 USD. If you would like to cover the cost of lessons for an entire 2-week survival swimming course. Follow this link and select DONATE $50. 

Swimdo offers volunteer opportunities several times a year to anyone who would like to visit Bali and make a lasting impact in a child’s life while doing so. Our volunteer opportunities last 2-weeks and consist of in-pool instruction and optional out of pool excursions. For more information please contact: info@swimdo.org